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"Wonderful writing" -Hugo winner Vernor Vinge · "Keep on... it's a noble mission!" -Ken Layne, wonkette.com/Tabloid.net · "Nice work" -Harvey & Eisner winner Greg Rucka, Detective Comics, 52 · "Lovely!" -Claudia Christian, star of Babylon 5 · "Star writer" -Chris Price, founder, shinyshiny.tv · "Fantastic and fabulous" -Hugo winner George Alec Effinger · "Hilarious! A Dumas through and through. Talent is in those veins like blue in the Seine! [She's] a modern-day Flannery O'Connor. As good as anyone I ever worked with." -William Richert, dir. Winter Kills, feat. Jeff Bridges, John Huston, Elizabeth Taylor, Anthony Perkins, ToshirĂ´ Mifune · "Very charming" -Edgar nominee Ron Goulart · "Delightful" -Hugo nominee Robert Sheckley ·

Camille Dumas, aka Camille V. Johnson, Camille Taylor, Camille Nickles, Gabrielle Taylor, Auntie Dynamite or Antoinette, is also known for her games Tesseract and Rehobaom's Legacy, via Hypercube Industries.